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Lots of reports are suggesting that Use of The Double XP Tokens inside of Extended Cod War Zombies matches can cause issues with Levels Being Removed!

1. Zombies players noticed last week that there seems to be an issue with the Double XP Tokens causing less than standard XP being earned in game and even players levels being deranked when they finish their Zombies match!
Regular Levels –
Weapon XP Levels –

2. In an interview an Activision official threw around the idea that Black ops Cold War could be supported for four more years AFTER it’s initial launch! He then goes on to suggest that a constantly updating Call of Duty game could be something we see int he future.
Interview –

3. Under the Firebase Z Zombies map a player found a classic Zombies Power Switch, with its purpose believed to be related to the Power generators on the map itself.
Post –

4. It has been found that if you put an AAT on a Melee Wep in Cold War Zombies you can get an odd visual glitch to occur!
Check It Out –

5. It you ever wanted to ensure that no one steals your crafted Wonder Weapon on Firebase Z, this players shows the result!
Oof –

6. Check out the Division Z Podcast where I was a guest –

7. Zombies Outbreak VS Vehicles Time!
Rover –
Chopper –

0:00 Using 2XP Tokens Causes Major Issues
0:57 Levels Getting Removed After Zombies Matches
1:43 Activison Interview Talks Future of COD
2:12 Would Cold War Be Supported For 4 Years
2:50 Single COD Game Receives Updates For Years
3:48 Original Power Switch Found in Firebase Z
4:17 Why the OG Power Switch Is Here
4:47 Melee AAT Odd Visual Effect
5:21 Keeps Your Wonder Weapon In Public Matches
6:10 Division Z Podcast – Zombies Talk!
6:35 Rover Grinds To Jump Pad!
7:00 A New Vehicles Makes it’s Debut!
7:41 Always Fun To Talk About Zombies

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